Quality Certificates, Licences

Quality - essential in any process and action


We are competitive in a global market because we have implemented a quality management system, respected by each employee, which contains continuous improvement procedures.

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Our quality principles

Our quality objectives

Quality starts with the first discussion with the customer; each action is part of a project designed to create a competitive advantage for the customer;

Annual investment programs in production equipment and machinery;

We select suppliers on the world market and build long-term relationships with them;

Process optimization to increase productivity;

The notion of quality does not only refer to products and services, but also to the working conditions and climate in which we operate;

Developing new products and adapting existing ones so that they are competitive and meet current customer requirements;

Employees follow the procedures of the quality management system and are encouraged to develop their skills through training, courses, meetings with business partners, access to information;

Renewal of certifications and licenses we currently have;

The actions taken are based on ecological principles;

Encouraging all personnel to get involved in the company projects, developing team spirit within the collective and awareness of the responsibility of each employee in his workplace.


Certifications and Licenses


Quality management system certification
ISO 9001 - Rina Simtex / CISQ (IQNet)


Demonstrates Transilana's ability to consistently provide certified quality, focus on continuous improvement and provides guarantees of a procedural approach in managing various issues.

ISO 9001

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification - Class II
Innovatext (Hohenstein Group)


Certifies compliance with the quality standard with regard to the content of substances dangerous for the body. Class II of products includes textile articles which, under proper use, come into direct contact with human skin.

Oeko Tex

Woolmark licenses
The Woolmark Company

Woolmark Pure New Wool
Woolmark Rich wool blend


Pure New Wool

This license certifies that the yarns are made of virgin wool (wool that comes directly from live animals, which has not been previously spun or incorporated into a finished product) and gives the right to use the label with the symbol Woolmark Pure New Wool.


Wool Rich Blend

This license certifies that the products have a minimum wool content of 50%, mixed with other fibers, and entitles to use the label with the Woolmark Rich Blend symbol.