For over 80 years, Transilana has been producing 100% wool and wool yarns in various blends with other natural, synthetic and artificial fibres (including ternary blends) for the weaving and knitting industries, focusing on both the quality of the products and the associated services, having as main objective the satisfaction of the most demanding categories of clients.

Our main approach is to develop our own range for each customer, in accordance with its own specifications. So, we do not have a standard offer or stock service, but we offer the flexibility of our production and the availability of our technical team to design and supply yarns specific to each request.

We have a special experience in the production of Superwash - washable treated wool in the washing machine according to Woolmark TM 31.

Any order begins with a detailed analysis of customer requirements and needs, covering both the selection of raw materials used for production and the establishment of yarn parameters and other characteristics.

The dyeing of the yarns is made in tops, which gives us the possibility to make large batches (even 10-15 tons per batch) in any colour: uni (solid), melange (mixture of fibres in different colours) or mouliné (yarns in different colours, twisted together), while ensuring accurate colour matching, based on a colour reference (e.g. Pantone code) or a sample (yarn, knit, fabric).

Being a production made against order, the minimum commercial quantity is 100 kg / lot. We can also produce quantities between 20 and 100 kg, but the lead time may be longer (depending on the colour/colours required and the occupancy of our production capacity/machines at the time of the request) and will involve an additional cost.

The yarns produced can be single or twisted as 2/3 -fold yarns, in a variety of counts, and the spinning can be done classically or SIRO.

The yarns will be delivered cleaned, waxed and packed in individual boxes of about 20 kg.

On request, special treatments can be applied to the yarns produced:


antimicrobial treatment;

anti-moth treatment.

Below is a classification of our mail products, without limiting our range to these items. If what you are looking for is not in this list you can ask us for a personalized offer.


Yarns for industrial knitting


The thickness for these yarns ranges from Nm 5 to Nm 56 and their usual compositions are 100% wool, including Superwash treated (for machine washable knitted products) or "Total Easy Care" and polyamide wool blends, acrylic, viscose, polypropylene, other special fibres, including various ternary mixtures.

Yarns from this category are generally used for:

fashion items;

traditional products;

military and corporate uniforms;

socks - fashion;

military socks;

sports socks;

medical and technical applications.



Yarns for industrial weaving


The yarns we produce for weaving have the thickness between 18 and 56 Nm and are generally made of 100% wool and wool blends with polyamide, polyester, viscose. Yarns containing elastane (Siro spun) can also be made.

These yarns find their applicability in various articles:

clothing - fashion;


upholstery for furniture and means of transport;

technical applications.



Yarns for hand knitting and crocheting


Merino Collections

Transilana yarns from the “Classic” and “Fantasy” collections are premium, light and voluminous products, made of 100% Merino wool, for first use. The products are designed for knitting and crocheting, with one or more yarns, depending on the work project. Whatever it is, the creations made will reflect the quality of the yarns and the natural material from which they are made: fine and sophisticated, pleasant to the touch and always in fresh colours, uniform and resistant to repeated wear and washing.

Wool is carefully selected from Merino sheep, has European origins and is, since the beginning of civilization, the most effective material for the protection of the human body, for which today's science still has no synthetic alternative.

The collections offer an abundance of delicate and vibrant colours to create satisfaction and emotion for those who love manual work:

Merino Classic collection: yarns in uni colours;

Merino Fantasy: mélange, marls (C and M identidication codes), with colour effect (N code) și with metallic effect (S code).


Merino/alpaca collection

Transilana yarns from “Merino Alpaca” collection are made from a blend of 75% merinos wool of European origin, for first use and 25% alpaca.

Alpaca or “God's wool” as it was named in the past, is also a natural fiber, extremely soft and pleasant to the touch; having in its intern structure air bubbles, is significantly lighter than wool, but beeing very warm. Alpaca is a hypoalergenic fiber (does not cause allergic reactions), with high elasticity and strength, which gives the yarn greater durability.

The combination of wool fibers with alpaca can only result in a yarn with special qualities, which we invite you to use for your projects.

* The color of the actual product may differ from the digital image.

** Alpaca fibers are longer and thinner, so they should be used with care for baby products.


Wool tops / roving for “Do It Yourself” projects


On request we can provide for handmade enthusiasts/projects "Do it Yourself" wool tops, in various qualities and thicknesses.

The 100% wool top can be purchased in natural, bleached or dyed version, at a thickness of 24 g/m (“giant XL yarn”) or 10 g/m (“giant yarn”).

The product can be selected from our current colour stock (minimum quantity: 1 kg) or can be ordered in special solid colours (minimum quantity: 20 kg; with variable lead time, depending on the colour and production structure at the time request).

If your future projects include making handmade products by hand knitting or felting, the giant Transilana yarns will definitely be the right choice!




Raw materials used


The raw material used is mainly natural wool (60-70%), used in the form of tops (fibres strips with an advanced degree of industrial processing) and chemical fibres: acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, polypropylene. To a lesser extent we also process special fibres: silk, cashmere, alpaca, angora, bamboo.

We supply raw materials from global suppliers, with a certified quality and traceability of products. The wools purchased are of various origins, from extra fine Australian Merino, intermediate thicknesses from South America and Europe, to coarse breeds of British origin.

Wool is a natural fibre that, due to its complex structure, has unique characteristics and properties, such as strength and elasticity, characteristics that synthetic fibres cannot match.

The benefits of wool:

wool is renewable and biodegradable;

wool fibre can absorb large amounts of moisture vapours, which will then evaporate into the air. Therefore, wool products are less prone to moisture and allow the body to breathe;

wool fibre is an active fibre, unlike synthetic fibres, so it reacts to changes in body temperature - helps maintain heat in the body when the outside temperature is low and cools the body when the outside temperature is high;

wool fibre absorbs UV radiation, providing sun protection for the body;

due to the possibility of moisture vapour absorption, wool products are not electrified;

due to a natural protective outer layer, the wool fibres do not stain;

due to the wavy structure of the wool fibre, woollen articles have a higher resistance to creasing;

due to the chemical structure, the wool fibre is fire resistant (the temperature must reach approx. 600 degrees Celsius for the wool to ignite).